Thank You…

Having finished the new book (This Beautiful Darkness), I can honestly say that, for me, the hardest part came at the end, with the thank yous. Sure, it takes some time to write the stories and edit them, but that comes naturally, flowing from me without much effort. Writing is a matter of seeing a path and forging through it, the editing a matter of trimming back the flora to clean things up. Putting the book together was a bear but that was mostly on  the shouldres of my girlfriend, bless her heart. Art, like the writing, just came. I had a title and the art sprung from it. The art was actually far easier than the writing, oddly enough. So through the whole process, it came naturally, as something familar.

Until the thanks.

That was the hard part.

It wasn’t hard because I didn’t know who to thank, because there are SO many people who I owe debts to. It was ten years since Back From Nothing and along the way, over the years, so many people, so many lives have touched my own life that they have all played a part in this book coming together. They are all part of the stories here, and all the stories I have written. There is no way to thank everyone that comes into your life. You just can’t. You can’t because then the list becomes ridiculous, and you start stretching the patience of  your readers. No, you have to choose a few, the few that have stood out and have been there for you the most, and you have to choose them and make the hard decisious. Sure, you leave people off, you forget people, but in the end, you have to make the choices.

And I made them. I can hope, I can only hope that the people who touched me know how much they meant to me, and how much they meant to my writing. That is all I can hope. We have to make hard decisions as writers and, in the end, picking who to thank may be the hardest choice of all.

It was for me at least.


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