Self Check In

They say to check in with yourself to remain healthy, don’t they? To sort of do a self analysis and see where you are with things. See how you are. It makes sense because we all have a tendency to just power through things we maybe shouldn’t.  Oh, my foot hurts, eh, no big deal. … Continue reading Self Check In

Wondering Aloud

If we’re honest with ourselves it’s completely natural to wonder what happened to the people who used to populate our lives. Some we want to see that they’re happy and doing well and others you want to make sure that life is reminding them they’re jerks.  It’s completely normal, but not always healthy to look. … Continue reading Wondering Aloud

Guest Stars

It’s when our minds are off of our minds when some of our deepest thinking comes to us. Some of it welcome, and some of it not. Some thoughts sneaking in like unwanted visitors in the night, clumsily moving through the darkness, not caring if they wake us or not. I was driving my daughter… Continue reading Guest Stars

When You Move On Without Me

I think we all have had times in our lives when we had to move on, whether we liked it or not. When we usually think of this phrase – moving on – we think of romantic ‘entanglements’ we have had. We loved and lost. We loved and let go. We loved and had someone… Continue reading When You Move On Without Me

Bullies Win – blog

           I have always been bullied in my life. It wasn’t always like that, once upon a time I had a lot of friends, back when kids seemed too young (or naïve) to get caught up in the ‘who’s cool/who’s not cool’ nonsense. When I got into high school though I started to get bullied.… Continue reading Bullies Win – blog

Precipice – blog

            It’s strange when you stop to think about how tenuous so many of our friendships have become. We are connected, those people we know by memory, and those we just know by face, through our social networks and little else. We are connected through the spiderwebs of the digital world, sharing our photos, our… Continue reading Precipice – blog

The Truth

So this here is a true story, with, obviously, the name of the person I am going to refer to removed. I don’t write this thinking it will change someone, or change how they see the world, or change their mind on what they believe. I write these blogs, as I have said, as my… Continue reading The Truth


One of the sad tragedies of growing up is growing apart. Worse perhaps is that the growing happens in small increments, spreading like tiny spider cracks that crawl outward, outward, and outward until they reach the edges and fracture the friendship irreparably. There are moments that happen that crack that relationship more deeply, and some… Continue reading THE ONES WE LEAVE BEHIND

Long Lost

Long Lost I got a call at work the other day that just broke my heart. It was an older man – 80 – who, after asking a question about a local school, wondered if I had a way to find the phone number for a friend he had lost contact with years and years… Continue reading Long Lost

For Those Who Survive

For those that survive, the darkness has yet to pass. The darkness, that great black curtain that falls any time we lose someone we love, is a living thing that morphs and evolves day by day as you remember things once forgotten and regret things never done or said. The darkness that haunts us for… Continue reading For Those Who Survive

Thank You…

Having finished the new book (This Beautiful Darkness), I can honestly say that, for me, the hardest part came at the end, with the thank yous. Sure, it takes some time to write the stories and edit them, but that comes naturally, flowing from me without much effort. Writing is a matter of seeing a… Continue reading Thank You…