Finishing Touches

Finishing something you have been working on for a while is a lot harder than you expect. It isn’t necessarily laziness that stops you from getting it done so much as life butting in on it. I have been working on the stories that will compromise the next book for some five years now, but then, like the novel, it wasn’t meant to be a book, necessarily. Not in the traditional sense. The first story – Messy and the Meep Sheep – was done and produced as a chapbook as I never really thought about doing more with it. Ok, that isn’t true, I never thought about ADDING to it. I always thought about getting it out as a book, though as a Kid’s Book. I wanted to find an artist to work on the art for it and wanted to sell it that way. Well, no one bit when I shopped it around briefly so I focused on it as a chapbook. Slowly but surely though I kept adding to that work, story by story until I had what could and will become a book.

I began the last story in this cycle a year and change ago, though I never really got going on it. I knew that it needed one last story, a story that took all the myriad characters somewhere and let them come to a fate of some sort, but I wasn’t sure where I wanted to take them. Over the course of the year I put together the story in my head but never really took the time to put it down. I kept getting distracted – be it other stories, other art, or the release of This Beautiful Darkness I just never took the time to make it work. Finally though a day came when I had to. When I had to sit down and focus on getting this last story done. It hasn’t been easy because the last story is so big, and must capture so much, and must sum up so much that it is hard to know what to say, what to leave unsaid, and how far to take things. As it is coming together though I know I am on the right path. The path gets rocky, for me and the characters, but it is the right path. It just took a while to find it.

Finishing the story is just the first part of the process of putting this book together but getting it done will really let me move on it. Will really let me push forward and I cannot wait. Just as I cannot wait to see where all these wonderful characters will wind up when everything is done.


PS, here is a pic of another awesome soul who purchased a painting from me at a Baar Bazaar I was at in December in Detroit.


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