Blood Car – review

Dang, you would think I am out searching high and low for these dark comedies of late but, really I am not. Not intentionally. I guess it’s luck, maybe. In this case it was a film that a friend brought over for a movie night and it was a movie that turned out to be pretty fun.

In a future where it has become too expensive to drive a young teacher is working on a formula that will run his car on wheat grass alone. Despite his best efforts though he can’t seem to make the engine work more than a moment. When he accidentally cuts himself and some of the blood drops into the engine he suddenly discovers that while his engine has no taste for wheat grass, it does like the taste of blood. He turns his attentions on his car and modifies it without hesitation and in a matter of days is on the road again in his car. His car is quite the attention getter too as few people are seen on the road anymore and this loner is suddenly quite the ladies man. The problem is that the lady he has his eyes (and hands) on is a trampy little thing that runs the local Meat Stand and she has no interest in him unless his car is rolling, which means he has to keep the blood flowing. In no time this peace loving vegan is offing indigents, car jackers, and anyone else who gets in his way of landing some booty. What he doesn’t know though is that the government is keen to get its hands on his car and its secrets and if he doesn’t watch out, he’s bound to become part of the system he holds in such disdain.

A fun little satire, this is all idea and acting. The story is fun but thin so it falls to the actors to really sell the film and they do in spades. It’s pretty clear everyone had a good time and it was fun to see former child actor Anna Chlumsky working on such a weird little movie. I wouldn’t say this is a great movie at all but it has so much heart, and so much charm that any shortcomings are easily looked over. At 75 minutes it still seems a little long, just the same, and it feels as if the main idea just ran out of steam by the end. Just the same, it’s a fun movie and is definitely worth a look if you find it floating around out there.

6.5 out of 10

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