Creatures from the Pink Lagoon – review

Oh, Netflix, you have done it again, presenting me the gift of a movie I had never heard of yet am glad I saw. This time it’s Creatures From the Pink Lagoon which is a zombie film with a very gay twist.

There is a scourge in small town America in this black and white ‘60s. Something is taking hold of the local young men and turning them into monsters. It seems that some of the local young men who frequent Exit 5 are disappearing only to re-appear with a strange disease. Some think it has to do with mosquitoes that are picking up something unwholesome from the neighboring Chemical Plant, but none can say for sure. What they can say is that when these men are bitten they become bloodthirsty creatures in need of flesh. It falls on six friends, gathered together for a birthday party on the lake, to face these flesh-eating fiends and stop them before they take over not just the town, but the entire world.

Made with more than a touch of camp, this is movie that makes up for its lack of plot and its relative amateurish (think local theater production) level of filmmaking with heart and fun. The actors are having a blast here and clearly appreciate the films they are spoofing. There are a few gags that are just too obvious for their own good but, again, the sheer fun of the film shines through every flaw. Were it not for a little more originality I’d rate this higher but, as it stands, it’s fun and totally watchable (read: party movie) but is just not something you’ll come back to for solo viewings. The one thing that bothered me a little is that for such a pro-gay film there are so many leftover stereotypes and misconceptions on board that it almost works against the film. Now, the filmmakers were playing with types and stereotypes, clearly, but it’s a matter of ‘proving’ many stereotypes out that seems to work against such a fun and progressive movie. Not that it matters in the overall fun you have with the film, just something that I noticed.

While not amazing, this is a clever, fun movie that deserves to be called up from the minors and embraced by movie nerds far and wide. These are not the movies that are the classics but movies like this are the ones we remember and need to champion because they are the ones often made with the most passion and spirit.

6.5 out of 10

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