People You Should Know…

I know LOTS of creative people so this isn’t comprehensive at all but these are some people that I know who are super talented writers and deserve some attention.

Chris Reed – a Flint author of dark fiction and horror who will freak your face. Great stuff.

Dangerous Lee – a local blogtalk personality and she has a fantastic book out about safe sex erotica.

Glen Birdsall great Flint poet and all around rad guy.

Mark Eller – a local writer of dark fantasy and a very prolific blogcaster and fellow co-host of Convince Me blogcast.

KJ Hootenfantastic poet and writer of children’s stories.

Stephen Vincent – awesome artist and musician. Stuff has to be seen. Wow.

Julie Hurst – great local artist and one of the people who helped visualize The Meep Sheep for me when I was working on the stories.

Stephanie Bills – this woman makes some of the cutest stuffed things I have ever and I mean EVER seen. Amazing.

Just some of the super talented people in the Flint area. It’s funny that Flint gets such a bad wrap as a factory town when we have such strong artists here. I know SO many talented writers, photographers, painters, poets and all of them struggle to get an audience. I admit that we have the factory town mentality, where we cannot appreciate things unless they are made clear or explained, but it never helps when you have to struggle to find art in town. Flint is in a weird place, where we have the talent and just need the patrons and the venues. Too many of the places here focus on certain types of art and not all art, the art of writing being the ugly stepchild in the city. But take a look at the links and you’ll see what I mean when I say we’re seeing a re-birth of Flint Cool.


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