Well, Hello There…

I will update this later with real stuff but wanted to say hello quickly. This past weekend I did the Art from the Heart art show which was in the building where I live in downtown Flint. Great show and it was great because it was so laid back and so mellow. When artists can just chill and not try to be barkers forcing sales then it all is so much more fun. The show reminded me of the smaller Guerilla shows we used to do. I sold a bunch of books, saw some great people, talked to some fun patrons, and had an overall good time. Sunday I went to the Kid’s Read Comics Convention in Dearborn. My friend Wolfman Mac was a guest there and invited me out so me and Mandie rolled out there with The Meep Sheep. What I really wish I had done though is I wish I had brought some more promo stuff. With just the book there and my card I felt sorta lame. Great little con though with some super talented people there. Wow. Alas, not really much interest in me and my sheepies so that wasn’t so great but it was a fun show, and it is always great to see Mac and to hang out.

I do have some shows coming up for those interested –

June 26th – I will be at the Flint Farmer’s Market from 10AM – 2PM selling books.

June 29th – I will be at the Flint Public Library for The Re-Birth of Flint Cool where I will be with authors Dangerous Lee and Glen Birdsall where we will be reading, talking, and selling our stuff. Should be a   great (and free!) show.

July 9th  – I will be at Art of the 625 where I will have my art for display and for sale. This is a show celebrating the many people who live and lived in this neat building.

And a couple friends and I are working on something for Mid-July as well but I will have more info on that later this week.

So, you should have plenty of chances to see me, harass me, and to buy some funky stuff if you are so inclined.


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