My Genius Idea of the Day…

So, this is more like YESTERDAY’s genius idea but still, I get credit.

I was sitting there thinking yesterday, wow, so these zombie walks are starting to take off, that’s pretty fun. But they need something. Everyone is doing their own thing, there’s no connector. There’s no sort of, I dunno, collective, no ‘family’. Ah, but it came to me. So there’s this group called the 501st, and they go to conventions dressed as Stormtroppers and other fun stuff from the Star Wars films and they do charity work and they’re a fun group. Well, what if there was a zombie equivalent that did horror shows and cons and whatever? Call them the Romero 666th Zombie Division or whatever. Or the Zombie Army. Something. But basically it’d be a similar thing where they got together, they did shows and stuff, organized the walks and basically just held the standard for the undead and all things ghoul.

Now, it’d take far more cooperation that most people could muster, but it’s a fun thought. I mean, zombies, marching around, but, their march is a shuffle. HA!


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