Head Count

Well, it’s the end of another year and it’s time to start looking at how things went. Well, at least as far as writing and art goes. Adding up the numbers it wasn’t the most profitable year for me but that I made any money writing and doing art is pretty amazing. If you take away the cost of the events I did and the promotional material I did ok, but the costs are part of the deal. So, as it stands, this has to have been my most profiable year as a writer and artist, which is pretty boss. It’s never easy to want to keep doing this sort of stuff, putting what you do out there to be judged, but it’s rewarding. Every time you meet someone who likes or wants to own your work is always a gentle reminder that you are doing something right. Good, bad, all of that is purely personal taste but the value of rightness is something you can judge and can contol, and that’s pretty cool.

I did a lot of events this year –

Motorcity Nightmares.

Flint Comix Con

Motorcity Comic Con

Art of the 625

Baar Bazaar

Book Bizarre

The Re-Birth of Flint Cool

The People’s Arts Festival

Service Street Fair

Books and Authors

The Skelebration of Scares

The Punk Rock Rummage Sale

As well as some other set ups that I was able to take part in. All of the events, the good, the bad, the ugly, were valuable and fun in their way. I met amazing people, got my work out there, and kept getting the art and books in front of the people. It is pretty stressful doing events but as long as you can have fun and not let the investment you don’t always make back bring you down then you leave with a smile on your face. Fun is the key.

This year saw the release of the long in the works The Meep Sheep and I could scarcely be happier. With the help of my gal Amanda and my friend Marcus the book really became something I could never have imagined. It was a dream come true to get that thing out and if in its way it was a love letter to the people that inspired the stories and was my way to show a different side of what I write. As successful as the book was to me I still have big plans for it and for that world and 2011 will bring new chapters to the unfolding story of the world of the Meep Sheep. As it stands though, the feedback was very good, and each time I take a moment to think about it I smile because the book is done, is out, and is in people’s hands.

My other books saw new life as well because with three books out it allows me to sell them as a package at events and gives people options on what work they want to try. The biggest beneficiary of this has surely been Back From Nothing, which really had a new life. That book is a good way to show where I started and where I am and it’s been greato get that book in people’s hands.

As for my art I sold more art this year than ever before, and that has been amazing. I still consider myself a very ‘young’ artist and am still very nervous to show what I am doing but it is always great when you find people that appreciate what you do. I had a couple peole who were very, very nasty in regards to their impressions of my art but overall it has been meet with very good feeback. And now that I have an Etsy account it will make it easy for anyone in the U.S. to find and buy my art. HOORAY!

Finally, it has been pretty great to be able to work with local artists and authors to bring more events to the Flint area. I have been trying to find ways to advocate and support the arts in Flint and will continue to do that and the only way it can happen is with the help of the people around me.

So there you have it. It’s been a pretty fruitful artistic year for me. I can’t wait to see how 2011 and the new books will turn out.

Ohhh…did I say new books? Hm…wait and see.


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