So, sometimes you just have to admit that ya mucked up. I mean, it happens, and if you are a writer especially you are bound to boo-boos. For me it comes in the editing of my books. From time to time I miss some things as I am fixing and expanding the stories and darn it they make it into the book. And while it’s embarrassing, for sure, it is also pretty neat that I am using something like Create Space where I can go and fix my mistakes, re-submit the book, and be up and rolling again within a couple days. That is pretty amazing. I hate that I make some mistakes but that I can go in and fix them is amazing. The last thing you want, as an author, is to have your work judged for some mistakes you have made that you are not story but are structure – something you can fix.


I am very lucky to have friends brave enough to tell me that I made the mistakes and that will take the time to help me fix them, and am happy to have the ability to fix things. The stories, the books are part of my legacy and as such it’s pretty important to me to get it right. So, I apologize to those that get the earlier books with the mistakes but am still confident that you got a pretty darn good book just the same. And heck, perfection is for robots and barn aliens.



2 thoughts on “Ooops!”

  1. Just means your human. I have yet to read a book with no mistakes in it, even from the greats. Unfortunately I see the most mistakes in books published by the big publishers. Some I even wonder if an editor ever took a look at it. Sometimes you wonder if they cut corners, because they know the book will sell regardless, just because of the name, sad. Just do your best, that’s all we can ask for. Nice post Chris.


  2. When you purchase a book to read. You’re not buying a book with perfect words, where all the t’s are crossed, all the i’s are dotted, and all the commas in all the right places. You’re buying a window of opportunity to peek inside someone’s life; the authors life, an imperfect life. It maybe written clearly in the message or subliminally hidden within, but a piece of the author is always their with all his imperfections.


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