Knowing When to Say When

I think one of the harder things to do not just as an arty person but as a person in general is to know to say ‘when’ and to back away from a project. Most of us hate to admit defeat and we hate the idea that something can get the better of us but we have to be willing to move past our ego, past the short view and to keep our eye on the horizon. Failure happens and life is soaked in it. It’s the successful people, the happier people, who are willing to let the failures happen and understand that they don’t define the rest of your life. It’s when you let the failures overpower your vision, your dreams, and the long view of life that you begin to falter.

I have gotten a long, hard look at failure recently and it truly shakes you to your core when its something you’re deeply passionate about but there’s nothing to do but to move on. You can’t be willing to give up but you must be willing to adapt, to evolve, and to move on.

Failure happens.

We screw up.

Others screw up.

Time, place, and circumstance all play a part in things.

But you must be strong enough, must learn to be strong enough to move on. To more forward. To let those failures go.

Those traits are what define your passion.

Those are the traits that define a life.

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