MOMENT – a story


Her smile was more blood than teeth but there was a wild joy in her bright blue eyes full of enough joy to make my heart want to explode. It was the last thing I expected to see as I pulled her back to her feet, the pulse of the crowd like that of a great beast, its heat coming off in waves and not wanting to relinquish her as I pulled her up. Her hair was night-light yellow and it flashed with the stage lights as she regained her feet and I could hear her laughing and it cut its way through the heavy waves of music. She leaned towards me and I felt her breath on my chin, then my cheek, and then my ear as she screamed into it – I fucking hate these guys but I love beatin’ the shit out of their fans. Does that make me a bad person? She pulled back and was laughing again as she shrugged at me then bent forward and she kissed my cheek as she pulled away, red smeared across her lips and mouth and she laughing as she plunged back into the bodies, which parted before her. In a moment she was lost and I was standing there stupid before the movement of the crowd pushed me back to where I had been moments earlier. I looked over and saw my friend and he gave me a crooked smile and pointed at my cheek and I returned the smile. It burned where she’d kissed me. It burned and the heat seemed to cover me. The music washed against me and I stood my ground in the sea of people as they undulated around me. I trained my eyes on the crowd and caught sight of her as she bobbed up and down and I couldn’t help but laugh with her as she danced and jumped and swung her elbows around. She would appear, disappear, then re-appear, then disappear again, each time in a different spot, and always moving against the crowd.

I don’t think I had ever fallen in love before that moment I helped her up off the floor.

I didn’t know if I’d ever fall in love like that again.

The kind of love that burns.

Lucky for me…


Her name is Hannah.


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