A Pretty Simple Question

I keep seeing these idiotic rabble rousing trolls that fancy themselves as playtime warriors and standard bearers for White American men clowning at events and gatherings that have nothing to do with them but which they find DESPERATELY offensive.  What I wonder, and what I ask is - What actual ‘code’ do you live by?… Continue reading A Pretty Simple Question

End of Days – blog

You hear it a lot but things were simpler when I was a kid.  It’s not that there was no established internet, or streaming services, or faux-lebrities that found fame because of a stupid viral incident.  No, it was that the world outside of the high school and towns I grew up in seemed so… Continue reading End of Days – blog


It feels endlessly cowardly that after every mass shooting now the same excuse is pulled out for it - mental illness.  Mental illness has become a catch all bucket to throw all of our old fish in.  Man beats a woman, oh, well, he’s mentally ill.  Woman kills her kids, oh, she’s mentally ill.  Boy… Continue reading Ill

For Educational Purposes Only- blog

           When I look back at my school days, I can’t say I look back at them fondly. I wasn’t great in Kindergarten, finding myself and what it was like to be in school and around so many kids. I had been in a sort of preschool, but it wasn’t like it is today and… Continue reading For Educational Purposes Only- blog

The Myth of Magic and Innocence

           Before I begin can we just all agree on one thing – there has never been, nor ever will be, a time of ‘magic and innocence’ in our world. Can we agree on that? Don’t give me this ‘those were simpler times’ nonsense either. Humans have been rotten to one another from day one… Continue reading The Myth of Magic and Innocence

What Happened To Us

If you have popped my blog at all the above question is one, I ask a lot. What Happened To Us? This is not to imply that the American people have ever been the SANEST people, nor that we are free of the blood of history. No, it implies neither. What it implies is that… Continue reading What Happened To Us

Aren’t We Better Than This – blog

Like a lot of people these days - or a lot of people through time, I'd imagine - I find myself asking again and again - aren't we better than this? It seems like every day there is a new scandal, a new outrage, a new revelation of information the public didn't need to be… Continue reading Aren’t We Better Than This – blog

Changing the Record

There is something painfully insidious about the banal ways we are homogenizing and corporatizing cities. Something sad that we are so desperate to erase the character of our cities, to make them the same in every way possible so that we feel some sort of safety and comfort that we could find in other ways.… Continue reading Changing the Record

What If It Wasn’t About You?

There’s a thing about we humans, we modern beasts of blood and clay, where we often, so often, forget that it isn’t about us. This world and the people in it are not here for our amusement, for our enlightenment, or our acceptance and understanding. We forget that we may have come to the party… Continue reading What If It Wasn’t About You?

Room For One More

In Hell, there is always room for one more. Always. Hell will take everyone - come one and come all. It is Heaven that is exclusive. Heaven as gated community, choosing only the best. Ah, but who are the best? Good question, no? That part is a sliding scale that pushes the boundaries out, and… Continue reading Room For One More

Bone Palaces

We live in a culture of convenience. Convenience both in the availability to get almost anything we desire within a short time frame and convenience in our quick-shifting morals. One is just the side-effect, or perhaps main effect, of cultural and technological evolution – it’s easier to get the things we want because we have… Continue reading Bone Palaces