ROAD MAP – a story

So this is where they put in those trigger warnings, right? OK. This is a story about cutting. If that's not a topic you want to read about then please turn away now. Otherwise, this is Road Map. This, like all my stories on here, is a first draft. Accept it as such.  ROAD MAP… Continue reading ROAD MAP – a story

FLAW – a poem

I have challenged myself to write something new for the blog every week. Some small slice of something to keep the machinery greased. This would be an attempt at a poem, poetry not being a strong suit. It's a first draft, like most things I post on here, and so it will reflect that.  From… Continue reading FLAW – a poem

GLORY – An Easter Story

GLORY POP. The sky flashed for a moment and the children looked around for the source of the sound but in another moment, it seemed to be revealed – a pastel pink balloon a little girl was holding had exploded. The little girl whose balloon it had been looked around at the dozens of children,… Continue reading GLORY – An Easter Story

Drawn To The Dark

Authors have gone to great length over the years to discuss horror and how it is used as a means of catharsis – a way to confront the horrors of the world real or imagined and to see them faced and conquered. Horror is our way to lean out over the edge of the chasm… Continue reading Drawn To The Dark

Slow Rot – a story

I guess this is technically Flash Fiction, though I never tend to pay a whole lot of attention to that stuff as I write. This just so happens to be a very brief tale I wrote last night. I like the heck out of it. Strange to be back on a writing kick again with… Continue reading Slow Rot – a story

Grieve – A Story

This is a rough story I just wrote. It feels awkward in parts and needs a lot more polish I'd wager but I wanted to share it. Heck, if it ever IS evened out then maybe I can do something else with it. For now, here's a rough version of a dark little tale.  Grieve… Continue reading Grieve – A Story


WHEN YOU WERE HEREI remember your smell.I can’t say what it was, it was, I don’t know, it was cigarettes and hair spray and perfume and, and sex, was it sex, beneath all of it, beneath all of it and hidden in those layers?Was it sex?I think of the men you would go out with,… Continue reading WHEN YOU WERE HERE – story

Nights Of Black Hearts – a journey into the void

After I had put a few books out I started to get a little mischievous. I loved putting books together with no notice, no fanfare, and no hints and to just release it and even if no one else cared it meant something to me because I loved the playfulness of it. the mystery. This… Continue reading Nights Of Black Hearts – a journey into the void

This Beautiful Darkness

When I published my first book BACK FROM NOTHING I didn’t know whether or not there would BE a second book, let alone any other ones. After ten years of working on new stories and books and looking for a publisher I learned that self publishing had come a LONG way since people started talking… Continue reading This Beautiful Darkness

The Old Man – a story

This is an older story, sort of a Lovecraft homage. More of a mood piece than anything else. If ya dig it, there's more goods like this in This Beautiful Darkness. The Old Man To those that saw the old man walk his usual route for what must have seemed like their entire lives, he… Continue reading The Old Man – a story

Presence – a holiday story

Presence She was the last to arrive and she knew it. She was always last, every year, no matter what she did, how she did it, or when. She could get up earlier, could eat breakfast faster, could unwrap things without taking them out of their packaging but it never mattered - she would always… Continue reading Presence – a holiday story