There’s something about American culture that has embraced the disposability of things to the detriment of the body as a whole. Which is to say that we have gotten so used to the notion of being able to use something and then throw it out that that we have started to treat our relationships that way.

There is a clear disconnect between how we want to be treated and how we treat one another. For me, I know that it’s hard to deal with someone when things get stressful and hard. I shut down. I tune out. It’s a safety mechanism and just one of the things I have to overcome. I can’t say it’s a wonder though when we have started treating the casusalness with which we end personal relationships the same way we treat the ending of professional relationships. Unless in the most dire and nasty of circumstances there has to be some manner of professionalism to these business relationships otherwise you start to build a working class that treats the work as casually as their own bosses treat the employees. It’s a simple equation – if you want loyalty then you have to be loyal and you have to respect people.

It’s strange though because so much of it all has been pushed into the realm of numbers, so that people are playing their own version of metrics with hiring and retaining people. The PERSON gets lost beneath the buzz words, the degrees, and the gloss. Someone who has the skills but not the polish gets looked over for someone who looks great but who may not be as good of a fit.

We have lost our connections to one another.

The humanity of work has become a game of pitting applicants against one another to see who will come out on top.

We are so much more than our resumes and our letters.

It’s funny because it’s so much like looking for a publisher, having to craft some magic spell to draw someone close enough to you to find your success.

People, real, live people, screw up, make mistakes, and need second chances. They need A first chance. It stinks to hire the wrong person but that’s the risk. You either believe in people, and you give them a chance, or you never advance your company. It’s the passion and drive of people that pushes things forward. It’s the dedication and belief that you are part of something and matter. Once you strip someone of their humanity though and make them a number, then you mind as well just hire a machine because that’s what you’ll get.


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