Around this time of year it’s natural to look to the past, to assess the present, and to think about the future. It’s natural and it’s good. Good to remember where we were, where we are, and where we wanna be.


It’s all about perspective.

The trouble is when we stay too long in the past or future. It’s the NOW that matters most. It’s where we are and how we get to where we want to be that matters. Wherever we are though, it’s good to take those moments, to take these moments, and to be thankful for all the things that made us, good, bad, and ugly.

It is throuhg or scars that we can trace our history and can find the roadmap to who we were. It is through or loves that we trace who we can be and what we can be. And it’s through our friends and family that we see who we are. And finally it’s through our dreams that we see where we are going.

I am thankful for many things but I am very thankful that I live in the era of DIY that I do.

I live in an era where on Monday I can think of an idea for a story, can write it, can flesh it out, and depending on my process I can release it by the end of the week – which is not to say you SHOULD do that but you CAN. That’s amazing. I can write my book, edit it, rehash it, lay it out, create a cover, put the thing together and put it out. Without a publisher. Amazing.

I can pick up the video camera I have and shoot, shoot, shoot and fill the huge memory card I have then edit it with freeware, score it with creative commons music, and release it.

I can download music programs and make music at my home, by myself, and release it.

And on and on.

We are in an era where if you can dream it you can figure out how to do it. There are tutorials all over the place. You can connect with other artists from across the globe. You can find ways to promote the work and release it.

This is a time for dreamers.

This is a time for magic.

Not that any of this is easy, or going to get you rich.

But you can do it.

If you can dream it, and you can find the tools to do it, you can create your future.

That’s a heck of a thing.

This is a heck of a time.

Things are bleak, and hard, and dark, but we all have the ability to produce light and to shine it on the darkness and amplify one another’s light so that the darkness retreats from us.

That’s something to be thankful for.

Because that’s everything.

And so are you.


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