In early 2019 I was able to finish a long gestating story I had started years and years ago called ROAD KILL. It was the story of two kids up to go no good, to put it in the mildest of senses. It was a story/book I had begun as a kid but had lost. After losing it I never had the gumption to restart it. It was just too daunting. Well, over the past few years I have been trying to clear the ledger of old projects and that was on that list. I just didn’t like that I never did it justice.

In 2018 I began re-writing the story of Bubba Diem and his friend, who became Spector. I chipped away at the book over the course of a few months but when I lost my job I finally just focused on it and got the darned thing done.

I can’t tell you it was what I expected.

As I said at the time it was definitely different than I had intended or first written. The story went from one about monstrous teens doing monstrous things to a town of monsters and the monsters they make. I really like the book, though it’s one that I understand won’t have any broad appeal. It’s a mean piece of work.

After I initially wrote it though I felt like the story wasn’t done and started to think about the legacy of the story and what came next. Just because a story for one person is over it doesn’t mean that it’s over for the rest of the world. Those other lives keep spinning, changed by the events of the past.

What does that mean?

So I had started fooling with the idea of what happened to Tilling Diem, the father of Bubba Diem and mystery unto himself. What would happen to him?

That brings us to ROADKILLERS, the story of Tilling.

The story of the revenge of revenge.

The story of the sins of the past coming home to roost.

If ROAD KILL was about secrets, this is about those secrets revaled in full. ROADKILLERS is about what happens when events are put into action which cannot be stopped.

I am knee deep in writing ROADKILLERS and still have a ways to go but it’s definitely different than I expected. It’s different than when I first thought of the story and I like that. The story is still evoloving and surprising me. It’s still shocking me at where it is going and why. I am opening myself up to what it has to say and I want to tell THAT story. Not my story.

I know how it ends, I know how it ties to other books, and I like getting where I am getting. This is the stuff that makes writing fun. This book will become the middle of a three book story arc and part of the core mythology of my little town of Munsonville.

I am excited to finish the book and more excited to get it out into the world later this year.

Can’t wait.


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