What Happened To Us

If you have popped my blog at all the above question is one, I ask a lot.

What Happened To Us?

This is not to imply that the American people have ever been the SANEST people, nor that we are free of the blood of history.

No, it implies neither.

What it implies is that we seem, as a people, to have gotten more disconnected from reality and more afraid.

It feels strange to lay it at the feet of former President Trump because I hate to give him that much credit, but he was the perfect symbol for a rising fear – the American Middle.

Many Middle Class Americans have watched, with nebulous horror, as the world changed around them. The strange, fanciful notion of a world where there was a father, and a mother in the household together, where everyone worshipped the Christian God, where people kept themselves to themselves, and where white people were at the head of the line for everything.

Mired in the mythical 1950s, sans the greasers, beatniks, racism, sexism, fear of the Red Enemy, and the rest of, well, reality, this ideal is based solely on movies and television. I don’t blame television or movies because they never quite show reality. They show a fiction. It’s for us to KNOW that it’s a fiction. If we can’t discern that then maybe, we need to smarten up or watch something else. One would think that we can watch FICTION and get that it’s fiction. That I can watch say, M.A.S.H. and know that the Korean war wasn’t as fun loving as it is made out to be in the (mostly) comedic show.

You’d think I could watch Law & Order and get that lawyers can’t act the way they do on that program.

There is a longing though for days that never were.

For days where children were safe, God was in the home, and a MAN and a WOMAN were married and had children.

Well, that’s great but, those days never really existed.

Children have always been in peril, not directly, but there’s always been predators, literal and figurative.

Pedophiles are not a new thing.

They are not some sort of strange cult operating behind mansion doors, trading babies like bubble gum cards.

That doesn’t mean that they are not out there, existing on the fringes, and standing in plain sight.

Let’s be BRUTALLY honest here, and while I never have been a fan of brutality, we need it right now, kids are more in danger at home than anywhere else.

Abusive parents.

Malleable parents.

Indifferent parents.

Sketchy extended circle people – the friends, ‘family’, and others that hang around.

Kids are abused at home more than anywhere else, I’d guarantee it.

They don’t go to school to be indoctrinated into a cult, or dogma, but to get out of their parent’s hair for a few hours so those parents can work or have some time to themselves.

If we want to do right by them then we’ll fix the education system and make school a place not to hate or fear but to empower and restore.

Next point, we are a nation that was not founded on God. Yeah, many, even most of the Founders were faithful men, but the point was not for everyone to worship ONE God but to worship the god that suits you. And honestly, I dunno that we need to hero-worship rich white men that owned people as slaves, JUST throwing this out there. They did some amazing, and brave stuff, but let’s not act like these were infallible heroes who only wanted to do what was best for their country people.

Girl, we took this country from the native peoples that were already here because we wanted to, in the end, rule ourselves…and people that weren’t white.

There’s your awful truth of the day.

But God is only dead if you let them stay dead.

Worship your god.

Don’t try to make me worship them though.

Unless we want to kick EVERY person, who isn’t religion ‘x’ out of the country – HA-HA-HA! – then we need to get over this clownish adherence to the idea that only the Christian God is allowed in this house.

Friend, this is a very, very big house, and we welcome everyone.

Go tell it on your mountain.

Forcing someone to worship your god does not imbue them with faith, it imbues them with servitude which, well, we are awfully good at expecting.

Then there’s the silly narrative of ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN together in marriage, or whatever.

Have you seen the divorce rates?

Do you really think that homosexuality is new? That it hasn’t been with humanity since probably the beginning?

Do you think people CHOOSE to go against what many are taught is some sort of ‘norm’ because…reasons?

I cannot imagine how hard it is to face that you’re ‘different’ than the people you are around every day. Whether that be in sexuality, identity, race, or whatever. I cannot imagine having our culture tell you that you’re less than anyone that’s different than you. That you are wrong. You are sick. You are a mistake. You are an animal.

I am lucky that I never had to imagine that.

A lot of people aren’t that lucky.

There have always been gay people, and people who didn’t agree with their birth gender, and people who were just ‘different’.


Just because we didn’t see them, or wouldn’t see them, doesn’t mean they weren’t there.

The idea of Love Is Love is not just a slogan of THEM but is a pronouncement that man, in an often rotten, mean, cruel world if you can find someone to love, that will love you, then that’s special.
That’s magic.

Whoever they are, it’s important.

We forget that we don’t have to accept everything and everyone.

We don’t have to love everyone.

No one gave us a right to hate people for who they were though, or to try to actively stop them from living their life.

If your god tells you that that is so then, friend, I have another awful truth for you, the god you are worshipping ain’t Christian because from what I understand, Christ wasn’t about that.


These monstrous people with their fists in the air and foam at their mouths, enraged at phantoms they don’t even understand.


Into…what? Have you met kids? Yeah, they are malleable when they are little, but they influence one another more than anything else. And I have to be honest, I worked with kids for a while, and have been around kids here and there and I have yet to find some big conspiracy of gayness infiltrating them. Meanness, well, that I can assure you IS getting to them.

The meanness and anger that they see every day in the adults that are around them every day.


Have these people ever met humans?

We don’t work well together.

We don’t get along.

Do they really think there was a fake moon landing and it NEVER GOT OUT?

Of course, they do, because they think that there’s a pedophile conspiracy.

The people who started that lie didn’t believe it, but it was a convenient way to get people riled up and rallied together.



Until they annoy you.

Until they’re a nuisance.

Save them as long as they are cute and ready for photos.

Gimme a break.

The way we treat kids, on the whole is the problem.

Parents at sporting events.

Parents who put their kids into pageants.

Parents who push and pull and schedule every last moment for the kids so that they are out of the way or grow up in a certain way.

We want to control every last inch of them until they grow up to resent us.

You want to see the monsters preying on kids?

It’s US.

It always has been.

They bemoan about how children are being indoctrinated and abused only to take the funding from the schools to funnel it into THEIR churches.

Because we all know CHURCHES never tried to indoctrin…oh, wait, nevermind.

It’s politics as usual though.

This needless, endless social war.

The war against cancel culture that they are trying to cancel.

The ranting against agendas as they set their own.

The hatred of the Other while they embrace one another, knives in hand.

The stoking of fears and stereotypes to rally the troops.

We are a nation made of foreigners, who were all foreign at one time save for the natives that were here first, yet we hate everyone not us.

Everyone not white.

We are so scared of being usurped that we do everything possible to stop it from happening.

Whatever the cost.




And why do we fear it?

Because maybe we know, deep down, that if we white people ever did become a ‘minority’ that we’d face the possibility of the same treatment we’ve been meting out for centuries.

That we’d finally get what we’ve got coming.

We’d reap what we sowed.

Oh, that’s an awful thought, isn’t it?


It hurts my head to watch what we’ve become, so fearful, so angry, and so selfish.

I am not surprised at it because, at our cores, we are all those things, but that so many of us are proud of our hate, of our fear, and of our bigotry that it makes me sad for the god they pretend to worship. A god purported to be made of love but who is forged out of hate.

Many of us won’t be happy until they are the last kids on the playground as the world burns around them.

At least they got to take the ball and go home.

To empty houses, to empty lives, to an empty future.


I will still cling to the hope, to the love, and to the future, because that’s where my daughter will live, and all the children who deserve better than we are giving them.

I still cling to the chance we can save this damned human race.


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