Enough Is Enough. 

I really have to ask this, knowing that there’s not an answer I will get, or that any of us will get that will make a lot of sense but why do we continue to let documents written by people who have been dead and gone for hundreds and even thousands of years rule us? Why do we let their narrow view of the world, their personal beliefs and biases, and their views and religions rule what we do today?

Why are we slaves to the dead?

I appreciate and ‘get’ reverence and respect for religious texts and texts of governance. I get where you can learn from them and use them as the base for either governing rules or as a moral guide. 

Once you tell me we are going to take those texts as some sort of holy – HA! – and untouchable document you lose me. 

You can see why you lost me by looking at the current headlines. 

I am tired of reading about how once upon a time, a bunch of wealthy, white landowners – and many of them slave owners – decided how people hundreds of years later should live their lives. Men who would never conceive of space travel, or immediate access to all the world’s knowledge, to the idea of weapons that could kill a dozen people in moments, or the idea that women have (and people of color) have rights and wills of their own. 

I cannot expect these men, who we should honor and hold in generally high regard, to have had the insight and foresight to think their ideals would lead people for hundreds of years. 

I’d wager that if they were honest, they’d tell you that their guides should be re-examined as society changed to make sure they altered as we altered. 

We need LIVING rules, malleable rules that will grow as we grow, not words chiseled into stone that casts a shadow on us from the past. 

Imagine your views and ideals being all but worshiped hundreds of years from now. 

Imagine DONALD freaking TRUMP’s narrow view of the world being the basis for hundreds of years’ governance?

Good god. 

These were men, HUMAN MEN, fallible men and we need to remember that. 

They never could have dreamed of the world as it is today. 

They talked of a need to have a militia at the ready to stop an overreaching government and I’d wager it was the idea that should something happen like what happened with our fight against our rulers in Britain, we should be able to fight back. 

They never imagined an angry kid going into a school and mowing down kids. 


To keep saying – well, it’s the Second Amendment and… – is insane. 

It’s nonsense. 

For love of Pete, they didn’t see women as equals, as people of color as equals, and they saw Native Americans as an obstacle to their exceptionalism. We didn’t even have all of the states we have NOW back then and you’re telling me we can’t change how we rule ourselves?


Just like telling me that the men that wrote the Bible, a heap of men that, at best, interpreted the word of God and their son through the prism of their minds and their view of the world, could have imagined the world of today.
It was, again, at best, filtered through humans, this ‘word of God’, whatever vehicle it is in, whatever form, whatever book, so as such, it is cloudy. 

And even so, these books deal with things in a round about fashion, rarely saying – HEY, don’t do this or that – outside of the Bible’s Deadly Sins which, I mean, those are sort of common sense. 

Hey, don’t kill folks – unless you are ‘in the right’ and are a ‘good guy with a gun’. 

Don’t commit adultery – well, unless you’re a rich person or politician or a religious leader and sorta say ‘uh, sore-ee?’.

Gimme a break, here. 

And hey, if you want to hold these religious texts as your guides in life then swell. 

Do it. 

But keep your god out of my life. 

Keep them out of my bedroom. 

Keep them out of my school. 

Keep them out of my politics. 

Your god, one among MANY that we have on this old planet of ours, has no place deciding how people who do not believe in or follow them live their lives. 

And again, some lessons are common sense – don’t kill people, don’t hurt people, don’t betray people, don’t steal from people, blah, blah, blah. 

But here’s some sins we don’t see in the Bible that are pretty big. 

Don’t be greedy. 

Don’t damage the earth – you don’t think God cares about the planet they made, as we strip it of its wealth and poison it?

Don’t go to war. 

Don’t lie to get ahead. 

I can do this all day. 


I am tired of hearing how Americans don’t care about history or politics when we won’t teach truth. I am tired of hearing about how we don’t care about the Constitution when we change how we interpret with each new administration.

Why would we care when you lie to us and take our rights and then tell us how great it is that you did?

I am so tired of hearing old politicians lecture about how a bunch of dead white guys didn’t say it in a document where they probably did the very best they could in, oh, gosh, the 1700s! They shouldn’t be held responsible for our not being brave enough to take ownership of our modern world. 


Humanity CHANGES. 

For good and for ill. 

Some things, like abortion, need to be decided at the national level because if you leave it to the states it will bounce back and forth as different leaders step into power. 

Tell me how a man can go buy a gun and kill dozens of people and we shrug and say, well, he has a right to a weapon of war?

How do we say that an abusive spouse still has rights to their kid?

How can a teen cross state lines with an illegal gun and kill people without real cause and get away with it?

YET, we want to damn women that get abortions and the people who perform them because they are KILLING BABIES. 

Babies we have no plan for should they be born. 

Babies that these religious and conservative people have no real interest in once born. 

They don’t want the poor to have free access to doctors and medicine. 

They don’t want them using welfare. 

But they want them to have kids they may not be able to afford. 

Because if they didn’t wanted to have a kid then don’t have the sex. 

As if condoms never break. 

As if birth control is always going to work. 

As if men don’t take condoms off and don’t tell the women. 

As if, as if, as if. 

As if most of us don’t have pre-maritial sex, as I have said before. 

It gets tiresome listening to people preach the things they don’t practice for themselves. 

To hear that now that Roe v. Wade is abolished that the idea of gay marriage and contraceptive rights is next is just numbing. 

I cannot imagine that my daughter is now in a country where lazy, cowardly justices who were bought and paid for are now shrugging and saying, well, abortion is not legal because they didn’t mention it in the Constitution. It is insane. It is madness. 

The reason we have the federal government is to make decisions on bigger issues that we need to set in stone so that we can stop fighting over everything forever. Just reading the Constitution and the Amendments shows you that these rules, like society itself, was a work in progress. They understood that they’d forget things or that things may change so that you may want to AMEND what was set before. That is how it should work. We don’t do that now though because it’s been weaponized and the people who wrote the original document sainted.

And if the nation changes, if we change and an issue needs to be re-examined then we chip that stone away and change. 

We have to change. 

We have to be willing to change. 

And we can’t keep kicking it back to each state to fight over every time there is a change of party. 

We’ll never move forward then. 

And you know how you don’t change? By electing people to offices they hold ‘for life’. That is awful. It’s crazy. What if these people, ahem, get bought off so that they are basically just ruling in favor of the highest bidder? Oh, gosh, they’d get found out, one may say.


I am sorry if you are ‘Pro-Life’ (as if Pro-Choice people are suddenly Pro-Death) and it upsets you that people abort babies. I would tell you though that maybe you should work to help the babies that are here first. Or work to end war. It’s super easy and convenient to take a stance against something you don’t have to actually be involved in. It’s a moral high ground that is easy to take. 

Bullying women in crisis and taking their rights away doesn’t earn you a place in Heaven, I am sorry, and if you think so, you’re a fool. 

It’s not that easy. 

I am so, so tired of being ruled by the dead. 

I am tired of living in a country where a few people who follow ONE FAITH and who are loud enough and can grease enough palms are deciding how all of us should live. 

We are killing the earth.
We are killing each other. 

We are refusing to let people love who they love. 

And in the end we’re gleefully stealing rights from people because hey, I don’t like that right. 

There is hope. 

There is always hope. 

Hope in the next generation. 

Hope in the kids today. 

Hope that people can wake from their stupor. 

But I tell you what, that hope is waning as I see old people who have no interest in the future and are willing to lie to get their way, keep leading us straight into Hell as they tell us their are servants of God. 


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