Getting What We Want

We are at a point in history where I feel like we’re going to get what we’ve been asking for and very few of us will be happy about it. It startles me, really, that we endured four years with the worst, and most dangerous President in American history and have the scars to show for it, only to be where we are – on the verge of seeing his return to power. 

How the heck does that happen?

Oh, that’s right, WE will have done it, we who opposed him but who have decided we aren’t happy with ANYONE leading us. 

It’s interesting how many Dems come out against President Biden, deriding him for this or that and making a show of how much they disagree with him, and thus bringing their party down and the opportunity for the Christian Right to take over again.

But they’re UPSET!


We just watched a man stack the Supreme Court, a laugh of a court, with Hard Right Christian Conservatives, or people who will bow to that cult. We just watched as he stoked fires in the country that nearly led to insurrection and could yet lead to a lot more dangerous confrontations. We just watched as anyone not White, straight, and cis-gender was essentially told – thanks, but no thanks. 

Yet Biden is the problem. 

Good god. 

I get it, he isn’t perfect. 

He’s a world away from it. 

His need to tow the line of Presidential history and Democracy isn’t helping things. I respect his desire to get us back to how this country was run and should be run, with civil discourse and decorum and compromise. Those days are gone though. The Hard Right has shown they will do anything in their power, even lying to their base and crafting false truth to see their agendas through. 

And what do they want?

They want a Christian nation run by their interpretations of the Bible where the enemies of god/them will be outed and punished. They want White cis people in charge and want us to be ruled by the rich with the poor pushed to do as they are told. 

They want to deny science. 

Deny culture. 

Deny art. 

They want to rule this country as a religious state with no mercy. 

We’ve seen this before. 

We used to pretend to be shocked and horrified by the nations that resorted to that. 

Look at us now. 

Everything the Dems are doing is going to get Trump re-elected. 

Maybe that’s what they want. 

They are so focused on outrage and fundraising they don’t see that if the party actually worked together they could guide the President and ensure that whomever is elected next is a Democrat. 

Americans are stupid though.
We’re simple. 

We follow the news enough to fuel our outrage and to titillate our senses. We get our facts from social media and quick-hit videos. 

We blame whomever is in power for whatever strife we are feeling unless there is someone there to calm us. 

The R’s are great at that. 

They can set the world on fire and then shrug and point at someone else and say – well THEY made us do it!

The Dems though blame the same person that the R’s do, knowing that politics, and running a nation, and trying to help keep the world’s despots from blowing everyone isn’t exactly an easy gig. 

That’s why you surround yourself with allies. 

Supposed allies. 

Alas, politics is all about greed and ambition. 

It’s easier to point and yell than it is to try to lend a hand. 

And here we are, the Dems screaming about things Biden hasn’t done, can’t do, and won’t do instead of working to find ways to get their agendas moving forward together. 

We voters demand what we want right this minute and we few who actually vote will vote ya’ll out if you don’t do what we say. 

We feed the idiocy that this nation runs on. 

We are impatient and selfish and can be told – hey, the world is dying – and we’ll nod gravely then go off and rant on the socials about whatever scripted reality show we just watched. 

We care enough to be mad but not enough to act. 

Not enough to stand together. 

Witness the many times we make enemies of allies because they weren’t enough of an ally and weren’t enough on our side. 

Well then, you are my enemy!



All while the Radical Right sets the nation on fire because I guess they think they are going to Heaven and all that. For what it’s worth, if I were God, I’d be pretty made if you destroyed my gift – the earth – and one another to prove you were right and to look like the favored child on the way to the cloud city. 

Good grief. 

Right now, it looks like we’re headed for Trump again and I cannot imagine the horrors we’ll face. He’ll run roughshod over the rule of law, racist mobs will be called heroes, and any chance we have of saving the world and ourselves will be lost to the ego of a man-child desperate to be loved by a father that’s long dead. 

So throw your tantrums. 

Yell at how terrible Biden is as he tries to clean the mess up of the former baby in office, and remember that a day is coming when this bill we’re running up is going to do and we’re all going to pay it whether we like it or not. 


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