By Measures of Degree

There’s a frequent melody sung of late that goes something like this - Ohhh, the brain drain, the dear brain drain, what of the BRAAAAAIN DRAIN, what are we going to do?  It’s sort of catchy, it’s definitely got a groove.  It’s too similar though to this newer hit - Where did all the Woooooorkers… Continue reading By Measures of Degree

…Comes Around

That saying can be a blessing and curse, I suppose. King would talk about the Wheel of Ka, a sort of folksy DARK TOWER version of karma, and how it would all come around. Maybe that’s so. The good and the bad. The sin and the blessing. We, the holy damned. When I lost my… Continue reading …Comes Around

The Wonders Of The World

It's been a very dark and enlightening life, these past seven months. Since losing my job last year I have struggled to keep my head up. There's a point where you are applying for so many jobs that you never hear from that you wonder if any of it matters at all. I kept at… Continue reading The Wonders Of The World


Starting over is never easy, and rarely sought after but it's a reality of the world. Starting over at forty-four was not what I was hoping to do at this point in my life. Not to say that I ever had some grand plan for things. I tend to build with the blocks  from where… Continue reading Do-Over