More (fake) blood, less peas

Couple other random blood pics. Whoooo! And yeah, the blood is very fake. This guy has a weak stomach when it comes to the real stuff, which is funny, seeing as how I love horror stuff and all but, really, I can MAKE fake blook, I gotta poke, prod, or stab something to make, you know, REAL blood, and that’s gross.

3 thoughts on “More (fake) blood, less peas”

  1. HEY! GREAT “BLOOD PICTURES” – your dreams will come true! Don’t worry! i can see the order of things falling in line for you! just hang in there! – that’s all you can do in a world like this! – and hey! your random drawings are really great! – very child-like! – They belond in a cartoon book about halloween! – when i looked at them, they reminded me of when anna nicole smith painted all those random paintings! she was good at it and so are you! – i bet you can sell some of them in the future! – i love all of the drawings! They made me smile and amused me. You really are talented! – so don’t give up on the drawing even if you were MR RANDOM that day down at “horror” fest or whatever it is. lol – BRIAN


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