Wheels Keep Turning…

For the uninitiated, Flint is known as the Vehicle City. Not the Motor City, as that’s Detroit, but the Vehicle City. This takes into consideration that 1. GM used to be a major force here and this was where many classic machines were made but 2. it really speaks to the fact that Flint is the home of the Horseless Carriage, which is to say the early version of a motorized vehicle.

We have a lot of history here in Flint, and its place in the auto industry is many times forgotten or glossed over, people only seeing the results of GM leaving. Things have changed, and are changing here, it’s true, but there is still a strong connection to cars and the auto industry and culture. This past weekend Flint celebrated its Back to the Bricks, our ode to cars and car culture and our addition to Detroit’s Dream Cruise car cruise. There are two days of cars cruising in and around Flint and two days of cruising and parking along the streets of downtown Flint. It’s a hell of a thing to see and is really great for the city.

I went out with a friend on Saturday and got some pictures of some of the cars.

Here are some of the more artistically shot ones. You know, I try.

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