Found Footage review And then there are the myriad of movies that are shot on video and look like they were shot on video. I am always a bit surprised at this. It can work, for sure, if you are framing it as - hey, we are shooting with a video camera and want it… Continue reading AWAKE IN THE WOODS – review


Having made a couple movies with essentially no budget - the budget for the first one was the cost of the camera and that stuff, and any loose odds and ends. It wasn't really a budget. I used a friend's kids for actors, and their friends, and then some friends of friends and we did… Continue reading ATTACHED: PARANORMAL – review

Are We Monsters – sample

There are several stories in ARE WE MONSTERS but I wanted to post a sample of one of them to give an idea of what you'll find inside. This excerpt is from a story called 'Fearful Thing' about a young woman's willingness to face something horrifying in order to seek its aid. Some things only… Continue reading Are We Monsters – sample

The Boos of Summer Are Here!

Summer is the perfect time for a good chill. Check out one of these books when you're looking for a case of the creeps. All books are available on -

The Monsters Are Coming

So, because my mind is a bit shark-like I am always thinking on the next thing I wanna work on. Book. Story. Movie. Promo. Event. I am always thinking about it and turning it over in my mind like a Worry Stone. For 2020 I still have two books planned for release - a kid's… Continue reading The Monsters Are Coming


I am so excited that my newest book, Tattered Tents & Whispered Wishes is finally out. When I first started this book I did so with the understanding that it was unlike anything I had written before and I am thrilled with how it turned out. It's a strange, dark tale that isn't necessarily horror… Continue reading TATTERED TENTS & WHISPERED WISHES Is HERE!

Marilyn and the Scary Movie

In honor of my mom's birthday I wrote this for her. Marilyn and the Scary Movie   “Oh, for cryin’ in the sink!” Marily declared as she took her hand away from her head and then watched as each of the five curlers she’d just put in her hair came free and fell from her head.… Continue reading Marilyn and the Scary Movie


The following is a sample story from my newest story collection IN ROOTS OF ASH. This is one of the many stories included that tells the story of a cursed woods and the things that haunt the dark places of the world. Things older than Man and much more cunning. The Echo of the Axe… Continue reading IN ROOTS OF ASH sample

IN ROOTS OF ASH – deep dive

When I started writing the first stories that are at the hear of IN ROOTS OF ASH I was writing to tap into the mythos of the woods. I grew up in an area that had two wooded areas and we played in them all the time. We never were afraid but when we started… Continue reading IN ROOTS OF ASH – deep dive