Spooky Chris Episode 4 – A Short Story

Decided to read one of the short stories to be included in a future book. Groove on this.

If you wanna buy any of my publushed books you can find them on Amazon. Just look up Chris Ringler.

Sharing the Love

I have a couple friends who are prolific writers and awesome people and wanted to help them get the word out about their newest efforts.


Paul Counelis has written a LOT of stuff, has written for RUE MORGUE, and is as passionate about writing as you can get.

His newest book –

We Dare The Night To Condescend


My friend Lucifer Fulci is also a prolific author, mainly of dark fiction but he also has a book for kids out. His newest is definitely not for the kids.


The Sudden Book

In the time I have had since losing my job I have gotten a chance to write a lot. I completed and put together my novel ROAD KILL, I wrote a script for a short film I am going to make this year, I have written some short articles for a website, and finally I made a decision to pursue two books I wanted to write.

Well, three and a half months into 2019 and I have completed writing the first of those books, a novella/novelette (I still need to revise it so who knows what could happen with it) I am calling ROOTS OF FIRE.

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