Doors to Dreams, Dreams to Nightmares

For some weird reason I am drawn to doors.

Especially old doors.

It started, I suppose, when I started a story cycle I haven’t shared a whole lot and which I am in the middle of writing. The stories deal with keys which people find that open certain doors. The doorways lead to different places, some places of dream, some of nightmare, always of danger. It’s one of those things where an idea struck me, an image of a warped, old door, and of a mysterious key. The conceit is far from unique, but my hope is that my approch is interesting adn fresh. Being that I am stuck on doors of late, I am drawn to strange, old, or interesting looking doors. Lucky for me, I live in a funky old building in downtown Flint that has had a LOT of strange and old doors in it. Alas, the doors are being thrown away now that the building is being cleaned out and cleaned up BUT I have been able to take a lot of fun pics. Here, dear friend, is the latest of the doors to be thrown away. Who knows who used, and where it once lived but, for me, it offered a mystery that needed only a key.

Or a camera.


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