Giving it Away

Now, I dunno if anyone prefers giving a gift, talent, skill, or art away as much as they like getting something for it. It isn’t that there is greed as much as a sense of value to what you do AND the fact that you do have to eat, as romantic as it is to beleive that art or craft or whatever is done for love alone.

Ah, if only.

Me, I come from a place, in recent years, of community work and really do see the value of ‘giving it away’. The thing too is that art, at its purest sense, should BE free. That’s a very thin line to walk though – the difference between art and commerce, but you do h ave to walk it and ask yourself what it means TO walk it. Art is meant to be shared. It is a community event. Writing is more of a personal connection – person to person to person – but it too cannot always be about money. I mean, I want to sell books, hell yes, but I need people to read the work, to connect with the work, to really move forward.

I look at it like this – I love people reading my work and connecting with it and hope that they – you – will want to read more and will buy my book and on and on. The hope is that there’s a connection to the work strong enough to create fans and interest in the work and in what I am doing and from there people will pick up what I do in the future. I think everyone that creates hopes that. I don’t see a day when I make a living with writing but I do hope to get work out to the world and not have to pay for that and to make a few bucks on top of that. Time will tell if that happens but for now I don’t mind giving it away for free. I trust in what I am able to do. I trust in the stories I tell. And I know that I keep the good stuff on the top shelf, and brother, you need a stool for that stuff.

I just happen to sell stools.


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