They – a story

Well, being that it is the eve of Valentine’s, I thought I should try to do something special for my girlfriend, who has been through a lot with me in three years. I am not so great at a lot of things and even though it’s debatable whether I get this whole writing thing or not, this is the best thing I am good at so I thought I would write her a story. So, this is for her. I hope you like it too.


It happened

It happened because all things call for balance.
Crave balance.

It happened because there can be no enduring absence.

It happened because…

It rose, formless, shapeless, nothing save mind without memory, armor without body, being without knowledge. It rose from the darkness and filled it, became it, spreading itself out and becoming All.

When it wasn’t enough to be All it, this new being born from the ethereal nothing of existence, stretched its mind and awoke Imagination and began creating more worlds to join the one that it filled. One by one the worlds grew until they were there were not but worlds, not but galaxies, but universes that seemed infinite and vast yet were just as empty as the one it dwelt in.

Something was missing.

There was a void.

It pushed again to fill that void and the worlds filled with populations great and small, each unique, each special, each wonderful and horrible and all things at once. Making all of these beings it felt something it had not before, a warmth and from that warmth came form, came being, came self, and the more it created, the more solid its form became and the more warmth it felt.

And it was happy.

For millennia it created across the worlds, beings both sentient and unaware, setting the things in motion and watching their stories play out, planting, growing, rising, and falling like so many flowers in gardens of life. As the years passed though, these being counted by the passing of eras in the lives of the created, the being, the It felt the warmth begin to fade.

And this it called sadness.

Sadness gave to sorrow and the being, now with body, with form, wandered from world to world, hidden from its creations but watching, watching and creating and tinkering and tampering and hoping for something to rekindle the warmth it had misplaced.

Nothing worked and finally it returned to the first world, the end world, the beginning world, and it soon forgot all of its creations and worlds lived and died beneath the shadowed gaze of an unseeing creator.

And from sorrow there came a sound, a noise, a clamor that went – thud-thud, thud-thud – and this was the being’s heart, and the place of its infinity.

This became the symbol for the being’s undying life and unending loneliness.

It could create whatever it wanted but it couldn’t manufacture meaning.

It couldn’t create happiness.

So in the stillness of nothing, the place it had sprung from perfect in its emptiness, the only sound that filled that space was the sound of a broken heart, a machine that refused to stop moving despite the wishes of its master.

The ages passed and the being, so distant from the heat it had once felt, froze beneath the weight of its loneliness and there it remained for time untold.


As it had been awakened from the sleep of nothingness, it was awakened again, another child of imagination, a child reborn from creation.

It rose in the darkness, shattering the ice that clung to its form and stretching itself out to cover All, then returning again to its previous form. Something cut across the middle of its head, something that split it into two and became a smile.

The being concentrated on the trunk that was its body and from it sprang four limbs, one at the top part of the trunk, two at the bottom. And from these limbs sprang fingers and toes. It turned its mind then to the head that had been split open by a smile and the smile widened two holes collapsed inward and it saw with eyes.

Within its heart there was a whisper of warmth but nothing yet.

It thought then of the worlds it had created, of the beings it had made, and of the way they had paired off, and how they had been made Two from One.

Two from One.

The being closed its eyes and concentrated and suddenly knew what it must do.

It took one of its arms and spreads open the fingers and once spread, thrust the hand into its chest and grabbed hold of its heart. It pulled the heart free of its chest and held it out and gazed upon it.

Without it, its life was now limited – it would not live forever, but in flickering and fading, its candle could burn brighter become warm once more.

It pulled the heart to its chest again and closed its eyes and concentrated harder than it ever had before. It put all it had done, and all it had made, all it wanted and was, into this last creation and then held the heart out again.

And from the heart sprang life, sprang mind, and body, being and life, torso, arms, legs, head and all.

From the heart sprang an Other and once made the being looked upon it and felt its body become and inferno of heat. It reached to the other and touched it. It pulled away at first but, feeling the touch, pulled closer and its head split into a smile, and from above that smile sprang eyes to see its companion. And as they gazed upon one another their hands, acting on their own, entwined and entangled. The bodies moved closer until they were touching and the one heart beat for both. Their mouths opened and kissed and with that kiss their faces touched and became one. Their bodies intermingled and twisted around one another and the roar of the heart filled the void, and the heat from their bodies lit the void with fire.

Their bodies melted into one another, their happiness a white hole sucking everything into it, and the universes spun and gathered and were pulled into the heart and the heart beat harder and louder as the end came with cataclysmic joy. And the beings were but a beating heart now that pulled all life to it, that pulled all death to it, that pulled All to it until finally there was nothing remaining but the heart and then that too was gone and in its absence was the warm glow of an infinity of lives pressed and purified to absolute nothing.

And from absence sprang a being….

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