Where are the new Classics?

Of late I am reading, and reading terribly slowly, STARSHIP TROOPERS by Robert Heinlein. It’s a fine book, pretty interesting but damn is it dry. Ack.
I need to take a drink every five pages.
Reading the book though it occurs to me that I haven’t read a sci-fi book that isn’t before the seventies, and pretty well before the seventies.

I accept that it is me, for sure, as I cannot believe, and you wouldn’t let me believe that there are no great modern sci-fi novels. None of them really interested me enough though to want to read them.

It is strange though, and makes me really sad that books don’t capture the imagination as they used to because how often do you hear people talking about books?
How often do YOU talk about books?

I try to always be reading something, even if it is slowly, just because I ‘t love stories. Sure, I don’t read everything out there, at all, but,really, I don’t read fast and so I try to read stuff I have an interest in.
This is life, not school.

It is strange though that I just don’t hear a lot about amazing books anymore. Of late, the young adult books are huge with HARRY POTTER and TWILIGHT. What else is big though? What is getting people talking?
I dunno.

It is funny that with Amazon releasing the Kindle 2 a lot of authors are flipping out because it an do it’s own version of an audio book and the writers want a cut. What I say to them is this –
feel lucky your works are still relevant.

With the economy killing what was left of the publishing world, anyone that has a book deal is a lucky sot.
Not to say they don’t have a right to protect their interests but, jeepers, until books become important beyond the rare hit, we are all in trouble. Writers and readers alike.


1 thought on “Where are the new Classics?”

  1. I sure enjoy me some Heinlein, though I have never read Starship Troopers. Just seen the movie, which I hear is a ridiculous version that falls far from the tree of the book on which it is based. My favorites by him are Time Enough For Love and Stranger in a Strange Land (and some of his short stories like By His Bootstraps)!! *sigh* He was a brilliant man…


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