Can I tell ya a secret?

I am awful at keeping secrets.

It isn’t so much that I like giving people details they don’t want, need, or are privy to so much as I just say too much sometimes. I guess it’s having a big mouth. Ha, a writer with a big mouth, imgine that!

So, not being so great with secrets, and not having the best OFF switch on my mouth doesn’t make it easy when you have a big secret you are keeping. UGH, lemme tell you about THAT. Wait, I can’t.

I have been working on some things for a while now that I am getting ready to reveal and man, it is about time. It has been killing me to have this big revelati0n that I cannot tell anyone about. This Friday I can finally let the proverbial cat out of the bag at the ten year anniversary dinner I am doing for my book BACK FROM NOTHING. Hopefully the news will excite everyone as much as it excites me.

We shall see.

And YOU shall see as of this Saturday. All will be revealed Saturday.

Until then…


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