Needing the Judgment of Others

So, I have this new book out, right, you know, it’s a quaint little tome I call This Beautifuo Darkness maybe you have seen me talking about it.

A million times.

Well, see, with a new book out and all it begs to be read, to be owned, to be loved, and to be reviewed. Ah, but how? I am struggling with that very thing right now. I am loathe to purchase copies of the book to send them off in the blind hope that it will be reviewed. Then there is the whole -hoping for good reviews. I believe in the work so it will be seen as it will be seen, but how the hell do you get it seen.


What sucks is that I am the WORST person to try pimp my work because I never do it justice. And I have a built in govern0r that won’t allow me to plug, plug, plug the book.

I need reviews though, for sure. Just like I need sales.

Hmm, think, think, think…


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