THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES It has been some interesting movies I have seen of late, and this is definitely one of the ones that sticks out. A movie like, so many these days, serves as a faux-documentary, this is also a film that doesn't lean on that pole as a means to lie, but as a… Continue reading THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES – review


ANTICHRIST Well, if you can say anything about ANTICHRIST it is that it earns every ounce of its controversy. A bold, challenging, nihilistic, and hateful little thing, this is the sort of movie that movie elitists always claim they want but rarely embrace. Well, if you want a self-absorbed director exorcising some nasty personal demons… Continue reading ANTICHRIST – review

RUN BITCH RUN – movie review

RUN BITCH RUN The seventies were a weird time for movies. If the sixties were about freeing our souls, the seventies were about freeing our minds, and for many, they did this in movie theaters. Boundaries were broken, taboos were broken and the groundwork for many of the well regarded filmmakers of today was laid.… Continue reading RUN BITCH RUN – movie review