FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM: The Secrets of Dumbledore – movie review

Two Housekeeping notes before I begin – that’s the sort of thing they say at meetings, so this is like we’re at a super important meeting about butter or some such. Can we just talk about how silly it is for creatives/studios to declare at the outset of a film coming out – OH, well… Continue reading FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM: The Secrets of Dumbledore – movie review

SHADOW OF THE MISSING – found footage movie review

          Oh hey, look it’s a faux-umentary, or a ‘mockumentary’, as the cool kids call them. I don’t call them that, but I was never considered cool. Well, other than mom. Mom thought I was pretty cool. I think. ANYWAY… As I have said before, I love faux-umentary films. When done right, it pairs the… Continue reading SHADOW OF THE MISSING – found footage movie review

EATEN ALIVE – review

Oh hey, a cannibal movie review. If you are of a certain age – OLD – then you recall that cannibal movies were a, well, a thing. There was a sort of a fad in horror with cannibals running wild. It seems like an offshoot or answer to the American grindhouse horror of the ‘70’s… Continue reading EATEN ALIVE – review


Can I tell you how weird it is to have a new TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE hit and I don't feel any buzz about it? Now, I get it, it's not the newest, hottest property, but it's still a legendary series with five legit fun/good entries into it. I know a lot of people hate the… Continue reading TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE – 2022 – review

THE THING INSIDE US – found footage movie review

Well, I wasn't GOING to review this movie because, as I stated in my THE WOODSMAN review I have no interest in slagging the hard work of someone, but, well, I can review the movie without slagging it so, here goes. Fingers crossed. THE THING INSIDE US is the story of a married couple trying… Continue reading THE THING INSIDE US – found footage movie review

BAD CANDY – review

              Boy howdy do I love Halloween. I also love anthology films. For some reason anthologies and Halloween seem to go hand in hand lately. I kinda dig that. Alas, with the release of TRICK ‘R’ TREAT it set the bar for Halloween Anthos pretty high and it changed the game. I give complete credit… Continue reading BAD CANDY – review


There’s something about a well done haunted house film that just really taps into what makes horror so special and captivating for me. Take a normal day, normal people, and then insert them into a place that should be safe – a home. The home can be inhabited or abandoned, but either way it feels… Continue reading THE DEEP HOUSE – review

BLAIR WITCH – movie review

               I don’t think it’s any secret that I am a slappy for the BLAIR WITCH and all of its associated creations. I am a slappy, like I said. I remember seeing the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT a week before it came out in wide release and it blew me away. I was able to see… Continue reading BLAIR WITCH – movie review

The Last Halloween – short film – Now Online!

As I did with I Am The Door I decided to post my first short film online. There's not exactly a line of people waiting to see it and it has yet to make it into any festivals SO I figured I mind as well put it into the world for folks to see. I… Continue reading The Last Halloween – short film – Now Online!

WW84 – AKA – WONDER WOMAN 84 Review

               Ya know what, here’s my biggest critique – can Hollywood stop with the weirdo ‘hip’ names for their movies, like using a number for a letter, or initials, or just…this. It’s Wonder Woman 1984. OK? Let the fans call it WW84 but you just call it what it is. There. There’s my big fan… Continue reading WW84 – AKA – WONDER WOMAN 84 Review

I Am The Door – Now Available Online

I have been lucky enough direct two short films over the past few years and I figured it was time to put them out for the world to see. I had been a little precious about them, in the hopes that they'd land in a film festival or that someone might buy them at an… Continue reading I Am The Door – Now Available Online

He Knows You’re Alone – review

            As a horror fan and past that a slasher film fan there’s nothing worse than a boring slasher. For me, I want them to be fun (or dark), a bit of a whodunnit with a mystery about WHO is killing or WHY they are doing it, and I wanna have a big and fun… Continue reading He Knows You’re Alone – review