Case 39 – review

If you are lucky, very, very lucky, you will not have this film ruined for you. I was lucky enough to go into the film pretty ignorant of what was to come and wow, what a fun surprise. I will say this – if you thought you knew what sort of films Renee Zellweger was known for, forget all that, because this is something totally different for her. I guess though it’s easy to forget she did a lesser Chainsaw Massacre and Love & a 45. Take it from me though, this ain’t what you are used to from her.

When an overworked social worker begins work on a new case she finds herself immediately drawn to the young girl who seems to be in desperate peril because of her parents. As becomes more invested in the case she starts to lose sense of perspective and crosses lines that her profession are never to cross. As she becomes more invested in the girl and her life though, the depth of the horror she is dealing with becomes all to real, and she may not be able to get free before it starts to effect her life as well.

A very well made horror/thriller, this one really took me by surprise. I was SO happy that a lot of the cop outs I was expected from the film never happened and that the movie pushes through to the end in the same vein that it began. For me, the movie totally didn’t cop out. You can sorta guess what is going on mid-way through, or sooner, but the depth of what is going on will surprise you. Zellweger does a nice job in the film, as does the rest of the cast, the stand out being the little girl, who is fantastic. I really liked the heck out of this movie and really hope it gets out to more people so they can see it. Very scary, and wonderfully surprising.

8 out of 10

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