And the Title of the New Book Is…

We have come to it, the announcement of the title of the new book. Not necessarily a big deal but, for me, it’s another big step forward. Another piece of the puzzle to reveal.

It’s funny because usually I know when I start working on something what it will be called but with the two most recent collections I haven’t quite known. I mean, I had ideas, heck, if you look at the ideas for a title on this one you’ll find over a dozen, which I may post later, as they are all sorta interesting. I liked them all, for one reason or another, but they didn’t fit. You see, you have to have something that sums up the book, teases the books contents if you will, and which sticks in people’s minds.

So, I went through a lot of title ideas. The easiest thing in the world to do is to take a title from one of the stories in the book (oooooh, it’s another collection!) an use that, which, is sort of what I did, but you have to make sure that THAT title is a fair representation of the book. Say, if you have a romance and call it Killer Stud, it may sound like a thriller or horror story. So it’s dicey.

SO, with all that in mind, I give to you, the title of the new book –

The Meep Sheep

I worried over that as a title but in the end, it’s the clearest and most appealing. The book will be a collection of fairy tales set in one place and following several characters. I really, really love this book and cannot wait to show you the cover but…that will come next month. For now, you have a name. I will post the description from the back of the book another time, but soon.

And if you can’t wait,  check out THIS BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS, my most recent book. It’s only ten bucks!

thanks, see you soon


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