Chugging Along…

I have been quiet of late because I have been push, push, pushing to get the new book’s editing done and…it’s done. Finally.


The way I tend to write is to just put the stuff down and get the story done, then go back to it to edit it in a few days so I can clean up any messy areas, can elaborate on some ideas and flesh them out, and in other cases just ditch some things outright. So now that the editing is done I am knee deep in doing the cover art, interior art pieces, and all the other fun stuff. The big job to come is putting it all together, which my girlfriend will be working on soon enough. I am super excited for everyone to see this book. It’s not at all like what people are used to from me and I think you’re all gonna love it.

I will announce the book title soon, so keep your peepers peeled.


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