But What WERE You Gonna Call It?

I dunno if it is ever super-easy to title something you are releasing to the public but with a bigger work, like a book in my case, the whole AHH, WHAT DO I CALL IT thing gets a little bigger. With The Meep Sheep, the new book, I needed a title, as I said before, had to capture the fun of the book, the scope of it, and hopefully would draw people to it.

The book had begun, so many years ago with Messy and the Meep, a kid’s story but, really, at its heart it was always just a fairy tale. And fairy tales ARE sometimes kid’s stories but there are some, some older ones, that have teeth. The Meep Sheep has teeth. It didn’t at first but as I added stories to the collection it became darker, and it became darker because it had to. In order to tell the story I wanted to tell, in the way I wanted to tell it I needed to show the darkness.

So, knowing what I was working with, it came down to what to call the thing. As you know, it has a name now, but that name wasn’t always the favorite. It was the most obvious name but didn’t seem like the best.
Here are some other names I tried out.

Servants of the Dream – sounds a little serious, and a lot like a goth album.

Stars and Shadows – Dreams and Shade – a bit pretentious and too wordy.

Dreamers and Forgotten Dreams – i like it but it all seems so serious. the book is serious but, damn, it’s a fairy tale, not an epic fantasy!

On Clouds of Dreams – hmm. close. not quite it though. i don’t hate it though.

Black Clouds and Silver Linings – i really liked it but again, too wordy. just doesn’t snap.

The Magic of Our Melodies – the runner up and title of the book until a last second change. this came to me a couple weeks ago and really stuck. it hits two major themes, has a rhythm to it, and felt good. BUT…it didn’t feel perfect.

The Meep Sheep – now that was it. that was the name always right there in my face and i suppose i should have gone with it to begin with but sometimes you have to see the other options before you buy the cheese.

And there you have it. I will post the book description sooner than later but for now, dig on this, and I will see you soon.


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