Upcoming Appearances…

Looking up, it sounds really pompous to have UPCOMING APPEARANCES as the header but, I mean, it’s the truth, so what can ya do?

I got my confirmations for two of the three shows I was planning to do the early part of the year, which is awesome.

April 23rd – 25th I will have a table at Motor City Nightmares in Novi, Michigan where I will have my art and books on sale. And who doesn’t want some art and books to buy near my birthday? This is a horror convention, and Michigan’s own, so it’ll be fun. Last one was pretty neat.

May 14 – 16I will be at the Motorcity Comic Con in Novi, Michigan which I have been doing off and on since ’94. This is a huge show where you get comic and culture nerds together for some smelly good fun. Great guests this year (Linda Blair! Adam West! Max Brooks!) and some amazing indie talent. I always have fun at these shows. This is were The Meep Sheep will get it’s world debut. I will be selling art and books, so look for me and This Beautiful Darkness.

These should be awesome shows and should be a ton of fun. Hope to see you there.


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