Why I Do It

In talking to someone at work today I mentioned that I was going to a big comic convention this weekend to sell my books. They said that sounded like fun and hoped I sold some books. I told them - well, I don't. I never do. (This is writer hyperbole - I DO sell books,… Continue reading Why I Do It

Con Game

It was on the second day of the Motorcity Comic Con that I realized that that show marked twenty years of doing conventions and indeed twenty years of doing the MCC.Crazy, I know!A lot has changed in those twenty years in that con, cons in general, and in me. SO this is sort of my… Continue reading Con Game

Motorcity Comic Con 2010 Day 3

And, it’s over. Take down the banners, put away the tables, and take a bow kids ‘cause the whole show is over. Phew. Sunday is usually a drag of a day because it’s the slowest of the days, the end of a long weekend, and by this time I tend to be under-slept and over-sugared.… Continue reading Motorcity Comic Con 2010 Day 3

Motorcity Comic Con 2010 Day Two

Day two and another epic and fun day. So much fun. So many people…so few sales. It’s always a drag not to sell but, darn, it was such a fun day that it’s hard, very hard, to be bitter. Saturday is always the huge day of the con and this was one of the biggest… Continue reading Motorcity Comic Con 2010 Day Two

Motorcity Comic Con 2010 Day 1

Can I tell you how much I love the first day of comic con? Love it. It is like a dysfunctional family reunion where you are all smelly and weird but never have to deal with the drama a family does. Great! Setting up is a drag, a huge drag, but darn is it fun… Continue reading Motorcity Comic Con 2010 Day 1

The REAL THE MEEP SHEEP Cover And Other News…

    Oh April Fool’s Day, I can love you so sometimes. I took this day to play a little trick on you, dear friend, and for that I am…heck, I am not sorry in the least. My fear though is that mine was a joke that either no one got, or didn’t care about. What… Continue reading The REAL THE MEEP SHEEP Cover And Other News…

Upcoming Appearances…

Looking up, it sounds really pompous to have UPCOMING APPEARANCES as the header but, I mean, it's the truth, so what can ya do? I got my confirmations for two of the three shows I was planning to do the early part of the year, which is awesome. April 23rd - 25th I will have… Continue reading Upcoming Appearances…