Other Rad Peeps to Check Out…

My meeting author Paul Toth was a totally weird coincidence.

Years ago I got the most random of emails from a writer looking to get people to read his new book. The email had gone right to my Junk Mail folder but, for some reason I felt compelled to check the folder to make sure nothing got routed there accidentally. So, I have been writing seriously since I was eighteen and had never EVER thought to just blanket email people to see if they’d check my work out. It was weird, and sorta brilliant, so I wrote the author, Kevin Donihe, to tell him I dug his style. Turns out Kevin is a really great guy and he and I became fast e-friends (I mean, those are oft-times the bestest of friends). So Kevin edits an annual that I was in a couple times and it turns out that there’s another guy from my area that was also in the book, a guy named Paul Toth.

POOF! Enter Paul.

Paul is a great guy and writes vastly deeper things than I do and is a really talented writer. (Author, as much as some prefer that title, is not one I am in love with using). Paul has had a lot of new work come out lately and, thus, you should really check him out for yourself.

No go and be fruitful! Or at least eat some fruits.

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