But What Is the Meep Sheep About?

I have been teasing this for a while and it’s time to let you know what the book is about (if you didn’t already).

The Meep Sheep has been bubbling in my head for a while now and when that happens you lose sight of the overall picture. Especially when you have several stories involved. This is a collection, like my other books, by that being said, it’s also a novel in short stories. These are connected stories and each is part of the other. They are separate, but are pieces of the same portrait. And a book description has to reflect that. Just as it has to reflect the heart of the book. With Back From Nothing, my first book, I refused to write the copy for the back of the book simply because I didn’t feel comfortable hyping my own work. When I put This Beautiful Darkness together I had no choice. If I wanted to make sure people knew what the book was, and wanted to sell people on it I had to come up with a good description. And I think I did just that.

The Meep Sheep is rougher for me in that it began as essentially a children’s tale and it ended up as a darker fairy tale. It is a little creepy, a little scary, but in the end there is more wonder here than fear, but there is fear. I adore this book and wanted to come up with something that portrays the wonder and magic, but also the creepiness that is underneath much of it all. It took a couple tries but I think I got it. I hope you feel the same way.

The Meep Sheep

Welcome to the Kingdom of Man, where the Mistresses of Magic have ruled their Kingdom with sunshine and peace for centuries. As the dawning of a new age comes and a new Mistress is about to take the throne as Queen though, darkness is finally coming to the land. In a world full of amazing creatures and wondrous sights it will fall to people who have yet to meet to stand together against a hidden enemy who is working to bring darkness back to the land forever and who seeks to destroy all that is good in the Kingdom. But it is always during the darkest of times when the light can become the brightest, and in order to save their world, strangers will become friends, friends will become heroes, and heroes will become legends, united by their common hope and the simple magic of the Meep Sheep.

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