Hey, You With the Face!

    You know how this works, I post stuff, some jibber, some jabber, some pics and the rest, and you come here and check it out. Well, I will assume you come here and check it out otherwise it’s weird that you are reading this, and are ‘here’ and you know, that’s just odd. I mean, weird.  Anyway, well, so I am glad you come, glad you came, and hope you dig what you see, but, well, I need you to do me a favor – leave me some feedback. Read a story you dig, see a pic you fancy, well, let me know. I do it for the people’s, and you, my friend, are a peoples.

So dig, check the stuff below and drop me some words. Do it and I call of the Sasquatch I sent after you this morning.



Author: Chris Ringler

Writer, blogger, reviewer, artist, arts and cultural events coordinator, and semi-professional weirdo. Author of a heap of books from horror to fairy tale to kid's.

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