The REAL THE MEEP SHEEP Cover And Other News…

    Oh April Fool’s Day, I can love you so sometimes. I took this day to play a little trick on you, dear friend, and for that I am…heck, I am not sorry in the least. My fear though is that mine was a joke that either no one got, or didn’t care about. What I had tried was to release a false ‘bad’ cover to the book and back cover and then wrote a bunch of nonsense about what the book’s stories have to do with. I was hoping someone would fall for it, and well, did you?


    Oh, anyway, why we’re here NOW – this is the for reals cover to The Meep Sheep and I do honestly love it to pieces. I liked it quite a bit until my friend Marcus found the perfect font and then tweaked the cover image to make it pop more and now I absolutely adore this cover. THIS is what the book is about. To me this cover is the book. The book consists of several short stories that follow several people as they discover who they are and their places in the world and what they find is that they have destinies far greater than they had ever imagined. As I have said before, this is a book of fairy tales but which are not the kid stories they began as. These are closer to the Grimm’s version of fairy tales, just with less violence and less bodily dismemberment.

The Meep Sheep will be priced at $12 because it is about 100 pages longer than This Beautiful Darkness but you can buy both books for $20 if you catch me at any of the conventions I am doing this spring. The book clocks in at around 276 pages, give or take a few, and will have some art in it by me. The art is sketchy, but shows some of the many critters you’ll find in the Land of Man. Amanda did an amazing job laying the book out and I think you’ll like what she put together. The book is in Proof mode and I have yet to get the first proof in my hands. My friend Billy is reading through the book right now and correcting grammar and finding any loose ends and as he does that I shall fix the book and we should have a finished book by May, if not a touch earlier.

As for plans for the Spring they are –

Downtown Flint Comix Con on April 17th in Downtown Flint, Michigan at the Masonic Temple.

Motorcity Nightmares which will be April 23 – 25th in Novi, Michigan at the Sheraton.

Motor City Comic Con which is May 14th – 16th in Novi, Michigan at the Rock Financial Center.

I am going to do a book signing with Flint authors Glen Birdsall and Dangerous Lee as well at some point. And am going to try to get into at least one art festival during the summer.  

Anyway, that’s all the info I have, and now you have it. So, without further ado, here is the front and back cover for The Meep Sheep.

MeepCoverEdit MeepCoverEdit  

lemme know what you think!

1 thought on “The REAL THE MEEP SHEEP Cover And Other News…”

  1. I figured your first cover was a joke, since it’s “The Meep Sheep” and not “The ‘I’m going to chew your face off slowly’ Sheep.” Still, I kinda liked the joke cover!


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