Motorcity Nightmares Day 2

   I think the last thing you want to hear as any manner of artist is that your stuff is akin to that of, say, an eight  year old. Lucky for me, that was what I heard today, and when I told the woman that no, the art was NOT done by an eight year old, but by me, she marveled that I had managed to produce art that  is just like that which a kid would produce.


    So, yeah, it was a pretty failtastic day for me. I am not sure if it that I am muddying my own waters by having my paintings and my books, that I am doing the wrong conventions, or that I am just one of those poor suckers who has to die before he’s famous. Whichever it is, it sucks for me. There were some amusing moments from the day, such as Kane Hodder, who played Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th films freaking out a very obnoxious guy that was with one of the con’s ‘guests’. That was good. So good. Watched a terribly mediocre Night of the Living Dead documentary, which I will review after the weekend, and heard once in a while that my art was cute, which is nice. Oh, me and the lady-friend are going to be among the people who got shot for the beginning of a local horror film, so that’s fun. So, not as many pics today and probably less tomorrow but here are some of the things I snapped.

IMG_3507-1 IMG_3508-1 IMG_3509-1 IMG_3510-1 IMG_3511-1 IMG_3514-1 IMG_3515-1 IMG_3517-1  IMG_3521-1 IMG_3524-1 IMG_3529-1 IMG_3530-1

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