Motorcity Nightmares Day One

    So day one of MCN was pretty uneventful. No sales, though I got a lot of compliments on my art, which is really great to hear. It’s always fun at these sorts of shows because the celebs cut loose a little and have some fun, which is great. They are always approachable and fun, which is refreshing. I saw some friends, so that was great, and spent the day cracking up with a friend who came with me. Hopefully tomorrow is a busier day. So here are the day one pics.

IMG_3451-1 IMG_3452-1 IMG_3457-1 IMG_3460-1 IMG_3470 IMG_3477-1 IMG_3478-1 IMG_3481-1 IMG_3487-1 IMG_3491-1 IMG_3493-1

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