Today is a bit of a special day so I figured I would give you a taste of The Meep Sheep so you can see why I am so excited about it. This is from the story Ashley Pickles and the Bumble Kitties.


He frowned and sighed again, kicking an acorn into the water and sending out ripples that woke the Water-Dragons from their naps and sent them down to the depths in a flurry. Where were his Meep Sheep, wondered Ash. If they were so great and all, and brought happiness to people then where were his? Ashley walked to the water’s edge and looked into its murkiness for the answer and above him the clouds parted and the sun appeared for the first time in two days, seeming almost to mock his misery. Ashley walked back to the tree, bundled up his lunch and bent down to absently pet the sleeping Bumble Kitty that purred quietly near where he had been sitting. As soon as he touched it the kitty purred deeply and stretched its back to give him more to pet. This was a calico, and had taken to following Ashley around whenever he came to this spot, always begging for attention and pulling Ash’s mind away from his music whenever he got frustrated trying to think of a song to sing. He stood back up, to the dismay of the kitty, and started back toward his home. He wasn’t ten feet before he heard a familiar meowing coming from over his shoulder and turned to see the Bumble Kitty was following him, it’s wings, so very like a butterfly’s, beating hard to keep up but unable. Its wings never seemed able to hold up the big, furry bodies, and their short, stubby legs were rarely able to move them very quickly so it was not often that a Bumble Kitty was able to do much more than waddle around, hover, or sleep, their laziness halting them from doing much of anything. Ashley felt bad in leaving the kitty and its bumbling (the sound of its purring intensified by flying), made him want to slow, to stop, and to give it a pat on the head. He pushed forward though and the kitty kept coming. Ashley paused a couple times to see where the kitty was and saw it trailing further and further behind but was finally able to get up enough speed so that it gave up the chase and let out an angry yowl before dropping back onto the grass. This had happened to him before, and not just with this kitty, but with all Bumble Kitties he met. It was funny at first, having so many of the kitties purring and flying around him, but it was distracting and made it awfully hard to get any songwriting done.

If you enjoyed that, check the book out, it’s pretty neat.

The Meep Sheep or if you prefer your stories a little darker, check out This Beautiful Darkness.

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