So Where the Heck Have You Been?

Ok, not that anyone noticed, but I haven’t been as active on here this week, and for that I apologize to, well, no one as there are not a lot of people poking around here. I mean, sure, some of you go and peek in the garbage but there isn’t much to find there, I bury the bodies out…oh, um, yeah, so, uh, bumble kitties. You know, kitties with crazy wingies and buzziness? Yup.

I will get some movie reviews up ASAP. It’s birthday week for me though so I have been knee deep in revelry but will get new stuff up this weekend. Man did we watch some terrible stuff on Netflix for my birthday. It was epic and wonderful. So look for more reviews of awful movies soon.

Until then…have you ordered my books yet? If not, get over to the right side of the page and get on it.

Seriously, I can’t depend on you guys for nothin’.

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