Comic Con Weekend…

Hey kids, if you are a nerd, like me, and have a notion, check out Motorcity Comic Con, out in Novi, MI. They seem to have put together a pretty big show so that’s gonna be a lot of fun. I will be there all weekend with my lady-friend selling my books The Meep Sheep (first place you can actually get it FROM me since publication), This Beautiful Darkness, and Back From Nothing. I will also have my paintings with me and for sale, as well as buttons, and other odds and ends.

It’s gonna be a great show, a ton of fun, and you should look me up if you go.

Stop by and say booga-booga!

The Meep Sheep – $12

This Beautiful Darkness – $10

Back From Nothing – $5

Art ranges from $15 – $50

Buttons – 2 for $1

Jive talk – free!


Author: Chris Ringler

Writer, blogger, reviewer, artist, arts and cultural events coordinator, and semi-professional weirdo. Author of a heap of books from horror to fairy tale to kid's.

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