Sympathy – review

Sympathy, by first time director Andrew Moorman, is a very rare film in the indie ranks where a director takes a small budget and instead of trying to over-do things, he takes what he has and makes a solid film with it. It's admirable to see a young director accept the limitations he was given… Continue reading Sympathy – review

Red Sands – review

The heck of the thing with Genie's (or Djinn if you wanna be correct about things) is that no one seems to get the poor fella's right. I mean, the closest that I can think of is maybe The Wishmaster, which, while not a good film or series, does do right by them, sorta. I… Continue reading Red Sands – review

Movie Sign

So I am conflicted. I cannot tell if it's the movie industry I hate, or the movie-going public. I can't decide because I am not sure who to blame for the mediocrity both in theaters and at home, but worse, to me, is the mediocrity that comes before it all. Movie history goes in cycles,… Continue reading Movie Sign