Now What?

Hey kids. Well, the Motorcity Comic Con has come and gone and now that the dust is settled, well, what next? Well, for me it’s back to promoting The Meep Sheep and the other two books. A friend and I headed down to Ann Arbor today and visit Vault of Midnight, a super cool comic book store that does art shows and is the sort of place you dream of as a nerd. We spoke to the owner and he is very open about supporting artists, comic creators, and writers so as soon as I can get the books to them I’ll be selling The Meep Sheep and potentially This Beautiful Darkness in the store. Mandie the super-girl also put out feelers to a couple local stores to see if I could do a signing and we’ll follow up on that tomorrow.

So now what?

Now comes the hard work. Writing the book usually turns out to be the easy part; it’s this stuff that makes the big difference.

Watch out for bigfeetses.


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