Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! – review

Easter Bunny, Kill, Kill

I am officially old. When I was a kid I would have gotten a kick out of a movie like this – gross, rude, and pulling no punches. Now though, well, I just need more. The fact is that this looks far too much like the movies my friends and I made as kids but, alas, it just doesn’t do it for me anymore. The novelty of the gross-out film back in the day was that there were not many of them out there, and the ones that WERE out there were hard to track down so when you found one it was bit of a treasure, even the bad ones. Now though, gross-out movies are simply a dime a dozen. So, sure, EBKK is different, for sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s good.

On Easter Eve a foul mouthed robber dressed as the Easter Bunny robs a clerk at a liquor store and, as a last thought, kills the man for no apparent reason. The killer is Remington, a thief and murderer who has somehow hooked up with an attractive young nurse with a disabled son. Whenever he’s alone with the boy good old Remington makes it his mission to torment Nicholas, the son. The only refuge Nicholas has is his room, and the childish hope that his dead father will return to save him from the bad man that has invaded his home. When Nicholas’s mother leaves Rem in charge for the night while she goes in for a double shift at work, Rem decides it’s time to party. After calling over a pedophilic ‘friend’ to keep Nicholas occupied Remington heads off in search of hookers. Little does Rem know though that someone has heard Nicholas’s pleas for help and has come to take revenge on the invaders in the home, and does it all dressed as the Easter Bunny. But who is beneath the mask, and will they be able to stop Remington before he hurts Nicholas for good?

As low grade and low budget as you can get, it’s a credit to Vicious Circle Films that they took a chance on the film, but man, this is pretty rough stuff. Were it not for the novelty of the holiday on hand I dunno that this is a film that would have gotten a second glance. The film is gross, to be sure, but there are a million gross films out there. What I give the filmmakers credit on though is their restraint. There is one sequence that could have gone too far, and by that I mean it would have been needlessly disgusting, but they showed restraint and I admire that. The film’s acting goes from over the top to Community Theater, but it all works. Mostly. The writing is awful, and is way too ham-handed with the comedy and sleaze. The treatment of Nicholas the son is pretty awful but again, it was nice to see some restraint. The filming is pretty awful BUT there are some inspired moments, and the same goes with the editing, so there is promise on that end. Oh, and it is definitely gory, if that is what you’re looking for in your movie viewing. I will give it this – the ending reveal was a bit of a surprise, so kudos with that. All in all though, this is just another made on video sleazefest that got lucky and got some distribution. I wasn’t shocked, I wasn’t thrilled, and more than anything I was just hoping it would end quickly. There are some glimmers of hope here but the movie is only going to be interesting to people into this sort of stuff. You know who you are, you dirty dogs you. For me, once is more than enough.

4.5 out of 5

1 thought on “Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! – review”

  1. funny how the title is a take on russ meyer. who i am back to believing was a genius….but i am sure by tomorrow i will regret calling him that and i will pronounce him lame again.


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